Installer for windows 7 32bit version


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I read a post that said the 32bit version was included with the 64bit version.
I went through the installation process and the 32bit version installer was nowhere to be found. It installed the 64bit version and I got the message, "This version of OBS Studio is not compatible with your system. Please use the 32bit (x86) installer." (which I could not find.)

Suslik V

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If you back in time (few pages by the given link, see below), then you may find the release that was compatible with the win7 x86 (the 32-bit), as far as I remember it was OBS v.26.1.1 under the "assets" spoiler, here:


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OBS 27.2.4 (full and portable) versions in [MOD EDIT: Link removed, please only trust official sources.] worked for me.


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Only download OBS from official source. This mean, look on download section on this site.
You have a previous version link directin to OBS page on Github.
To make it easy for you, direct URL
OMG this saved my problem! I have the "older" elgato 60HD (like the first model) and it was no longer detected as a device in the Video Capture Device choice. I was trying to "run as an older version of windows" or all sort of weird things, but this version actually made it work :D thank you! I guess I'll have to upgarde my capture card at some point but that's not an option at the moment due to "real life issues", so thank you very much for this!


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@Harold I didn't say running in an older version of windows worked though... ? Nor did I recommended to anybody to do that, I just explained MY journey of trying to find a solution.... I'm happy the solution suggested by the person above me solved my issue..., and I juste wanted to thank them/let OP know to maybe also try...