Image Slide Show Not Stopping at end in Manual Mode

Tony Merlo

New Member
I have an image slide show with multiple slides. I set it up for Manual (not automatic) and defined hotkeys to advance (forward/backward) the slides manually. The Loop option is NOT checked. The option to "Hide slideshow when done" is checked.

When I get to the last slide and hit the forward key, the slide show restarts rather than ends.
If I switch to automatic mode, the slide show ends after the last slide.

I can't use automatic mode as the timing between slides depends on the speaker The number of slides may vary from event to event (we use the same filename for the slideset so we don't need to modify the OBS Source every time) and the operator may not know how many slides there are.

All the log file shows is that the scene was switched to. Nothing after that.

Any suggestions?