I need some help having issues with recording


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here is the log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/1kIdYq6hFx7bI8Um

First off I record in Second Life only. and have doing so for years. I also use the treamFX plugin because I record h.265. This seems to be a more recent issue(within the last few months). In SL in a 'crowded' sim. often times the FPS will be 20 or less. And what I observed lately, when the GPU cranks up to 95% or more the shown FPS in the Stats window will really drop (I record either 30 or 25 fps) the frames missing due to rendering lag will shoot up into red and encoding lag red or orange. But even when the GPU usage isn't 95%+ and everything looks to be in normal ranges - pressing stop recording will "hang" - OBS it keeps recording will saying stopping recording but no response from OBS so I have to shut it down via Task Manager.

I have tried running in admin mode (seems to make things worse). I really dont know what to do and yes I understand most people here probably never heard of Second Life. Btw it is a openGL game engine. Ive tried using the v-synch buit into the gamme and also it has a frame limiter built in as well. I record to the same drive that OBS is on and it is a SSD m.2 drive

thanks in advance


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