Question / Help How to run a live workshop on group video call using OBS?


New Member
Hi All,

I'm new here and hoping someone can advise. I've spent a long time trawling online to find a solution but sadly nothing seems available so I wanted to ask those more in the know incase I've missed something.
What I want to do is run a live video workshop for up to 20 people (so all 20 inc myself on video at the same time, able to speak and interact with each other).
As I will be leading the workshop I want to be able to use OBS for slides, video clips etc as I have done before on Facebook Live, the difference being that I want the participants to be able to see and speak to each other too.

Is this possible? I looked into FB Workplace chat, but it doesn't seem to support OBS.

Is there a way of running a live workshop using OBS whilst having participants engaged via video call at the same time?