How to fix GPU Encoder Overload error when recording? (5600x, 3080)


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Firstly, here is the project log: OBS Project Log (3.4% GPU Overload)
Here is the video corresponding to this log data: Example while playing Warzone (YT)

So I get skipped-frames when recording gameplay. My game runs super-smooth but when I go back to watch the gameplay recorded with OBS, I can see frames skipping which really annoys me. Also, the quality isn't as smooth and sharp as I would expect. Are there any fix for this?

My warzone runs at 1440p at medium settings (DLSS enabled). I downscale the video to 1080p 60fps in OBS with Lanczos scaling.

My CPU, GPU and RAM are all overclocked.

In task manager, my OBS priority is set to high. Under Advanced tab in OBS, priority is Above Normal.

I used the Analyzer tool from my log file and made some changes:
- I removed all other game capture scenes and only kept one for the game.
- I capped my game to 144fps since I use a 144Hz monitor.
- All windows Game mode settings are disabled.

After all these, I still get gpu overload error. Not sure why.

I ran task manager and noticed that my GPU was barely reaching 50% usage. This could be because Warzone is CPU intensive. But the same error occurs in games like Valorant and Riders Republic. Could the CPU be an issue in this case?

Can audio tracks have an impact maybe?

I have a decent rig but disappointed that I still can't record high-quality gameplay with OBS. I have played around with all settings and watched so many videos on this topic.

I plan on using OBS but need help from others who have faced similar issues. How did you get yours to work smoothly?

I am willing to share more OBS or Windows settings if necessary.
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