How to exclude cropped area from the recorded video?


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I am recording the window by using Window Capture source and I enabled cropping of 21 pixel from the top and 21 pixel from the bottom but the cropped surface is included in the output video as a black area.

What I did was:
Right clicking on the source preview, selecting Transform > Edit Transform and adjusting the cropping options.

Size of the captured window is 1920x1122. The size of the window after cropping 2x21 pixel is 1920x1080 and that should be the size of the output video.

The problem is - the size of the recorded video is still 1920x1122 instead of 1920x1080. Am I missing something? What has to be done to exclude the cropped aread from the recorded video?

I tried to change Size and Bounding Box Size options but that is something else.

Here are the screenshots before and after setting the cropping options.


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Right-click your cropped source->resize output (source size)
I did try that but nothing happened, the output size was still 1920x1122.

This was what finally worked:

1. Applied crop
2. Changed Bounding Box height to 1080
3. Changed Settings > Video > Base (Canvas) Resolution to 1920x1080

Resize output (source size) always reverts all parameters (Size, Bounding Box Size and Base (canvas) resolution) back to 1920x1122. Makes sense because source size is always the same (Windows capture). There should be one more option: Resize output (transformed)


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Next time you can do with quick fingers by:

- activate the source (so red border shown in the preview)
- manipulate the edges and corners by doing the Alt-Key before/while mouse clicking.


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I just tried that but holding Alt and moving the red handles applies only the step 1 (crop) from my last message, I still have to do the steps 2 and 3 and it is not easy to move the handles by exactly 21 pixel as there isn't any indication of the size of the red rectangle.

After activating Window Capture command in SnagIt a red border is displayed depending on mouse position and that way individual areas of the window (toolbar, display area, toolbar + display area, status bar, display area + status bar, whole window, ...) could be selected for capture. Such an option works instantly replacing all 3 steps for setting the capturing area that have to be done in OBS Studio.