How to cut a video in OBS?


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I did record a meeting. Accidantly i have overtime of 30min.
How can i "cut" my video?

for sure thats a basic question!:)
Maybe you can post a link, or give me some advices




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You could replay the video, and edit that, but like making a VHS tape copy, there is the generational resolution loss with each re-encoding
so.. best option is to NOT use OBS for video editing (and many video editors would have similar image quality consideration)
I believe what I came across in these forums was a pointer to AVIdemux, which is what I've used

I'm not recommending any of those promoted in this article, but for a broader explanation see the top of this post
Or just Google video trim (or cut) and teh video format you have. And again a good reason to record to MKV vs MP4, though there are options to trim either.
There is an interesting GUI tool that is supposed to allow you to do this with frame accuracy by re-encoding the section of the cut video before the first keyframe, and merging it with the losslessly copied section. However unfortunately in practice I have found it so unreliable as to be useless. I wonder if there is a similar better tool for this.
paol on April 4, 2020 | AviDemux [0] works reasonably well for this. As usual it fails to calculate exact frame timings, which means the cuts may not end up exactly where the GUI is telling you (even if you take care to define the cut start at a keyframe).
ubercow13 on April 4, 2020 | Avidemux is great for what it is but doesn't make any attempt to allow frame-exact cutting by partial reencoding afaik, which is what I found unique/interesting about VidCutter


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L, you have been doing this long enough. Don't you use Avidemux at all? You're missing out on another great app.....


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L, you have been doing this long enough. Don't you use Avidemux at all?
See 3rd line of my post ;^)
I set up OBS, downloaded and learned tools, etc on a PC that is now permanently onsite elsewhere. So... I started that post, but couldn't remember the name of avidemux when I first started responding. And my poor search terms elsewhere took a few minutes before I came across it and the 'that's it' moment. I could recall the interface, and using it, just not the name. And I had no reference to avidemux [I checked] on PC I have in front of me... ugh.. oh well.
So, yea - your response much more concise


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i wanted to cut video from obs i tried with avidemux , but encoded video have 4x bigger size than original lol,
then you did something odd, or don't have a clean copy/install of avidemux... ??
One of the major benefits of this tool is not re-encoding (with generational quality loss with each re-encoding... not as bad as VHS tape copies for those of us old enough to remember such but still noticeable)

I trimmed a 10+GB MKV with no issue