How should I stream and what equipment?


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I'm looking to do outdoor streams but on a stationary place. I will need external mobile broadband.
Understand how to do it from my stationary computer, but not how to do it with my laptop and external cameras.

What I want to do:
-Be able to control the stream through my laptop (change scenes, sounds, alerts etc.)
-Have a speaker that can push sound from stream



Last year for an incidental outdoor broadcast we brought our cameras, sound equipment and broadcast laptop outside. Everything was basically set up the same way as we normally have within our venue, except for the laptop's internet connection. Not cabled to our regular internet service provider but to an external mobile broadcast device we hired. So things don't have to be very differenty...

In the regular situation, at your stationary computer, do you have any means of listening to the stream, like headphones? You'd like the same outdoors (so a speaker connected to the headphones plug)?

If you'd require more help, please elaborate a bit more about the context. Are you streaming gaming tutorials or church services, one person in a small room or events with dozens of people... and what are the outdoor plans?


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To follow on to WBE's comments
- beware speaker if there is a microphone in use (as there usually is) then you now have potential (likely) audio loop

When operating outdoors, one thing to consider is power. real-time video encoding is computationally demanding, which means power/electricity. Depending on length of streaming, be prepared with an external (to the laptop) power source (like a UPS battery you can power on and silence) or similar. And realize that typical laptops to NOT have the computational power of an equivalent desktop, in part as specifically optimized for battery life.

I'd recommend practicing (indoors, without power) to see if audio, battery life, etc works as expected, or more likely to give you time to figure out unique settings/requirements (separate from those around an outdoor mic, wind, background noise, etc). And I'd do some monitoring on the laptop to make sure you aren't exceeding hardware resource availability (RAM, CPU, GPU, Disk I/O, etc).