Question / Help How do I up the brightness?


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I am super new to streaming and using obs so pardon my really dumb questions. Also, I am not very tech-savy so a step by step guide would be great.

I have had a few complaints of the image being too dark while playing Zelda. So what I'm doing is recording game capture of LOZOOT from my N64 on the haupage hd prv2. So the hauppage is my source in obs. How do I up the brightness, or gamma or contrast while streaming from obs? I mean not literally during the stream... whatever. I can't do any video settings on the hauppage, and fixing the values on my TV didn't work either, so the only hing I can think is that I need to do it in obs. I tried changing the yuv color range to full but didn't notice much of a difference. I don't know wha thecolor space does so didn't mess with it.


1. Set the color space back to partial.
2. Right-click on the source->Filters. Add a Color Correction filter. Adjust to taste.
3. If you're new to OBS Studio, the community has created some resources for you to use. Check out our Quickstart Guide at and Nerd or Die's video guide at