Horrible video quality even though high end PC and standard settings


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I've been experiencing bad video quality for SO long, and I have switched hard drives and everything, but it is still bad. I have also experimented with the settings but nothing has really changed. I have tried the preset qualities but nothing changed. The FPS is great on it, and it definitely is a solid 60 most of the time. Is this my PC specs fault? And is there anyway I can fix it? I will attach a photo of what the quality looks like.
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660
Intel Core i3 3.6 ghz
16 gb of ram
Windows 11
Dell mother board


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I don't know what you want to achieve with that blatant lie of an high end PC, but you have at best a mediocre PC. That beside, please provide a Log Fie from the Help Menu in OBS, so that we can see your settings, Otherwise its hard to give you advise and help.


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Pleasde be respectull on the answers. No need to shame.

OP, run the Auto-configuration Wizard (tools menu) and apply the settings it gives. Restart OBS.
Perform a test stream/recording (the one your main focus is in) of at least 30 seconds doing as you normally do, including playing games, full camera or whatever you normally do.
Now look inside Help menu. Upload the current log file and paste the url to the log file in here. Click on the Analize button to start troubleshooting common issues.


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You seem to use a device with the name "ELEFW328" as monitor. According to Google, this is a TV with a native resolution of 1366X768. You're rescaling this to 1920x1080 and 1272x720 - both rescalings not helping quality. Do yourself a favor and get a real computer monitor with a native resolution of 1920x1080.

And a i3 processor was never high end.


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This has been a problem long before I switched monitors. And my computer used to record fine, but I guess it's more demanding on recourses now.


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Please, use the analyzer:


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I did. I changed the settings so that there were no problems, and nothing changed. But it says insufficient hardware also. So it may be my gpu/cpu?