Question / Help High-End or Mid-End Settings


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Just wondering if I should go for high-end settings in OBS or mid/low-end. I'm bad at this. I know. (Some areas are just pixelated/fuzzy)
Processor: Intel i9-9900k
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070
RAM: 32gb (4x8gb) Trident G.Skill
Monitor: Asus rog swift pg279q (2560x1440p (Downscaled to 1080p in editing); 165hz)
Power Supply: Corsair 750x

OBS Settings:
Annotation 2020-03-26 174752.png
Annotation 2020-03-26 174801.png
Annotation 2020-03-26 174813.png

The pixelated/fuzziness isn't in game. Just happens in OBS


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MSI Afterburner is known to conflict with OBS, and should not be used.

Post a logfile from a recording session at least 30 seconds in length, not screenshots. The log will contain all of your settings, and a lot more back-end information to determine what's going on.

Is there a reason you're using Advanced output mode? Unless you're using multi-track audio (and you're recording to FLV, so that's not the case) you should probably be using Simple output mode without a specific need to use Advanced.