Help needed for multicam stream to multiple simultaneous Youtube streams


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I have four cameras connected to OBS (3 using NDI plugins and 1 using Camlink) running on an i7 Macbook Pro with 16GB Ram, MacOS Monterey 12.6.3 and OBS Studio 28.1.2. Internet upload speed averages around 50 mbps. All 4 cameras shows up on OBS and works without a hitch. The 4 cameras are spread across a tenpin bowling centre, each focusing on a range of lanes.

I want to stream individual camera separately to Youtube live with 4 stream keys setup on my Youtube account simultaneously.

What have been tested so far:
1. I set up 4 different profiles each with a different camera scene and uses a different Youtube stream key. But when I started the first stream, I can't switch to another profile. This solution is out the window.

2. I set up one profile with 4 different camera scenes. I also installed the Multiple RTMP outputs plugin. I selected the scene with the first camera and went live to Youtube using the first multiple RTMP stream key, it works great. I started the second live stream to Youtube using the second multiple RTMP stream key, it also works great. But when I wanted to switch to a second camera, the first stream also changed to the second camera. This not what I wanted.

3. I launched two instances of OBS application. Each with one profile, one scene, one camera. I was able to go live to the first Youtube stream set on the first camera and live to the second Youtube stream set on the second camera. Works well but OBS showing high CPU usage, OBS stats shows dropped frames, laggy video etc. I can't image how my Macbook will handle 4 instances of OBS running side by side. This solution is not viable.

I have been doing streaming for over a year with just on camera but now need to expand my capabilities. I am new to this forum and I would greatly appreciate if someone here could help me out.


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Depending on what kind of cameras you have, some will allow you stream directly to Youtube. I know some PTZOptics models allow it -

You can also look at using a service like which lets you output a single source to multiple platforms. Although if you are running them through OBS, you only have 1 "output" from there.

In any case, you will need to have multiple Events in YouTube, each with their own stream key to send more than one livestream to the same YouTube account.