Having a second stream from obs as a monitor source


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I am using google chat as video conference / blog in order to stream into youtube. We have participants in remote locations. I am a participant and the one that controls obs. In order to use a browser source, make the google chat window into a small portion on the screen and display the video up front. The problem we are having is that youtube has a delay approaching two minutes (we are streaming from different countries) and we cannot comment the videos real time.

The only solution I can envision is to be able to encode and stream from obs so the participants can switch from the google chat screen into the obs stream screen (the one that will be live in two minutes in youtube). It could be on http protocol or maybe on rmtp by using the Multiple RTMP outputs plugin and a server/.

Really, I am lost as I don't know how to proceed from this point. I have some experience with basic to intermediate use of OBS, but regarding this issue all I can muster is define my problem. It seems that if http was available , it would be my choicest.

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