Question / Help Hardware acceleration of Media/VLC sources


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So I am curious if anyone knows of any fixes. I try to load in a couple of media or VLC sources, or even just one, to give some animation to my stream overlay. I stream on Twitch using an x264 encoder and run at about 50%-60% on my cpu the whole time when streaming. It is a secondary stream PC with a core i7-7700 cpu. I stream at 720p60. The issue I have is that when I don’t have any animated media or VLC sources, I maintain good quality and frame rates on my stream, and I run at about 10% cpu usage on idle when not streaming. When I add one small media source or VLC source, it jumps me up to around 22% cpu usage on idle, and when I stream sometimes I push over 80% cpu usage and my stream quality degrades because the cpu is decoding the video source. There is an option for hardware acceleration but it doesn’t seem to work. My gpu on my stream pc is a gtx 1070. I have a spare amd rx590 lying around I can use instead if I need to. But has anyone ever gotten hardware acceleration to work on media or VLC sources when using x264 to encode? I want my gpu to decode these sources so I don’t have high CPU usage in stream and even at idle. Any help would be appreciated!