GTX 1660 TI or RTX 3050 TI for encoding multiple streams on Win64 ?


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Hi guys!

I hope you don't mind this is not a technical issue but I would really appreciate your feedback though :)
I plan on upgrading my Matebook D14 to a better laptop so that I can record all my sources (five so far) and also multistream at the same time at 720p or even 1080p as I have 100mb upload.
I find that the Lenovo Legion 5 should be powerful enough, I'm just not sure if I should get the one with a GTX 1660 TI here or with the RTX 3050 TI here
Benchmark tests here are saying that the 1660 performs better than the 3050 even though it's 2 years older.
It also has 2 additional GB of RAM but maybe won't be compatible with the new RTX features here like the Voice NR.

Which version would you recommend buying in this case? Feel free also to suggest another laptop, I am very flexible :)

Thank you very much for this amazing software and for your help.