GOXLR Mini and Cities Skylines


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I am sure I had this working before I reset my PC.

I'm not sure if this makes any difference, but I am not streaming, just using OBS to record.

I have a GOXLR Mini and I am playing Cities Skylines.

Cities appears not to abide my the settings that I have in Advanced Sound Options, where I tag Cities to use the Game(TC-Helicon) as the output, t will always default to the System settings.

I have OBS set to capture the MIC, Game and System on 3 different channels. But I end up with System recording both the mic and game audio. The Game channel has nothing and the MIC has the MIC.

I have tried loads of combinations and currently under Global Audio Devices, I have everything disabled everything and I still get this.

Ideally, what I am trying to achieve, is to be able to play some music whilst I play, that is not recorded and have the Cities audio on System and the Mic on the Mic channel.

Any ideas?