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  1. rage_benni New Member

    I really dont know whats wrong with my setup :D maybe you are able to help.
    1. Settings
    2. Twitch
    3. Username: TwitchUserName
    4. AccessToken: oauth:idhwdb123124124134
    5. Channel to join: TwitchUserName or #TwitchUserName ??? :)
    6. Chat command: blank = !spotify or do I have to add !spotify !music etc. ???

    Sorry for such dumb questions but i am totally stuck there :S

    PS: viewer cant add songs to my wishlist, thats my problem :(
  2. Trusted Member

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  3. BoliBerrys New Member

    Works fine. The problem is that every X amount of minutes, it Auto Updates, and installs the same version.. which is weird.

    Can you add a Disable Auto Updates functions?