Free Gamepad Display 0.7.0

Web based gamepad display for representing visual input in streams. Works best with CLR Browser.

  1. mrmcpowned Active Member

  2. Duke0 New Member

    I don't really use a gamepad for streaming but gave this a quick go. Really awesome tool that I've bookmarked for future use! Works perfectly. Thanks very much!
  3. mrmcpowned Active Member

    Glad you liked it :D! I'm also keen on taking suggestions if you have any as well.
  4. mrmcpowned Active Member

    I've added a TODO list for any suggestions people might have for this. I also keep a changelog on the Viewer so you can see what's changed.
  5. poke133 New Member

  6. mrmcpowned Active Member

    Yeah, I've been looking into creating several skins for this. I'm also curious as to what outputs are being sent with that arcade stick you've linked, and if the Gamepad API even recognizes them.

    Edit: Your post got me thinking about my abandoned DJ Hero 2 controller, so I connected that to my PC and the output is rather interesting.
  7. poke133 New Member

    the gamepad API recognizes my PS3 stick through x360ce (
    your web app and the games i play recognize my controller as a 360 pad.

    the outputs are just as a gamepad: up, down, left, right, diagonals (up-left, up-right, down-right, down-left), X, Y, A, B, RT, LT, RS, LS, Start, Select

    in conclusion: it's only a matter of skinning, the API is good :)
  8. mrmcpowned Active Member

    Well that's nice to know. As for the skinning, yes, that's usually what needs to be done to display different controller types. I set up the HTML code neatly, in a way where all I need to do is make the graphics and position them accordingly. With thought to older controller types, like an NES remote, I'd probably need to add a config window so people can choose which buttons they want to emulate on the remote. I'd imagine people who use emulators with their 360 and PS3 remotes would have their own prefered method of playing, and giving them a choice on the web app would allow them to display their input with their prefered configuration.
  9. RyzaJr Member

    Hmm. Wish it worked with my SNES converted to USB retropad. :(
  10. mrmcpowned Active Member

    The page doesn't recognise your SNES controller? As far as I know, the USB RetroPad should be outputting controller data as a PS3 remote, which the gamepad API supports.
  11. Vaughn Whiskey Well-Known Member

    I am inlove with your program and don't really use controller for any PC games but I might start now because of this ahahaha thank you, I know some friends who are looking for a program like this for their speedruns.
  12. LetsPlayALL Member

    Page seems to be offline :(
  13. paladzin Member

  14. mrmcpowned Active Member

    Yeah, I forgot to renew my domain name. All should be good now.
  15. mrmcpowned Active Member

    That's a windows only alternative with limited functionality. As this is a web app, it's cross platform compatible. That, and I'll be creating several skins for it as well.

    Here's what I've been working on as of late:
  16. KJThaDon Member

    can this be used on a ps4?
  17. mrmcpowned Active Member

    If by "use" you mean show input while you play a PS4 game, then no. Only way I would see it being possible would be if there was a way to send the controller commands to your PS4 via your PC.
  18. KJThaDon Member

    Actually it can, just figured it out..

    Using Ds4 to detect as a "xbox" controller, it works.. Only thing is we now need a ps4 controller image to show instead, if you could?

    Ps4 controller can plug into pc and charge while you use it on the ps4, so it works. You just need the drivers from DS4.

    If you could make a duplicate page of the one that's there now, but have it show a ps4 controller even if it "detects" a xbox one, it would work. Since the program trick your pc into thinking it's a xbox controller...

    Maybe just have these directions as how to do the ps4 version. ... h-your-pc/
  19. KJThaDon Member

  20. mrmcpowned Active Member

    Well, as I have no PS4 controller to test with, my answers on that are of a theoretical nature. As for the PS4 image, yes, that's part of a list of controller faces I'll be making for the viewer. As I'm currently a student, I don't have as much time to be rigorously working on this, so I work on the controller faces in my off time.