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So, I've made a gamepad viewer similar to that of the one at HTML5 Rocks. Due to the experimental nature of the Gamepad API, this currently only works in Chrome (since version 22) and in nightly builds of Firefox. Don't even bother asking about IE, that hunk of garbage died a long time ago.

Current parameters list as of 2/1/2016:
Parameter Documentation

  • The help window will interfere with your Gamepad being displayed so just make sure you close it out before you do anything.
  • I haven't tested how the display reacts to resolutions smaller than 1360x768 but with the way I have the CSS set, there shouldn't be any problems like browser clipping.
  • If you want to capture multiple gamepads at once, simply create a new window for each
  • DO NOT minimize your captured chrome windows. OBS can't capture windows that are minimized.
  • I'm not sure how the Viewer reacts in a Mac or Linux environment, so any feedback in those areas would be nice.

TODO List:
  • Flatter high contrast alternatives
  • Arcade stick layout (Started by adding the proper HTML for it to be displayed properly)
  • Any other user suggestions
  • See if I can fix Blue Yeti problem
  • Vector images instead of rasters (Working on it)

  • Dualshock Skin
  • Redo Xbox skin

If you have any suggestions for what I should add and whatnot, I'm all ears. I'm subscribed to the topic so I'll get an email as soon as a reply is made :)
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