Question / Help game is fine, but stream is choppy. dual monitor setup, both 60hz


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my main monitor is a sceptre 32" curved 60hz and i would like to livestream fortnite and r6s on twitch but ever since i set up my secondary monitor (27er) i have this problem. when i load up streamlabs and prepare to go live, the gameplay shows up fine on streamlabs. but thats only until i go live, which is when the livestream preview on my secondary monitor seems really choppy, but my game is playing just fine. i pulled up my stream in the browser to check and its not just choppy on strwamlabs, but my entire stream looks like this. ive adjusted the games to play at 60 fps to match my stream frame rate but it still looks the same. any help?

edit: im fairly new to streamlabs and im very unfamiliar with most of the settings so anything simple would help :)
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