Question / Help Game audio becomes out of Sync after awhile.


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Hi i'm having trouble with my game audio. Everytime when I stream/record about 1-2 hours my gun sounds in my game lag 2 seconds behind what is happening on screen. I would appreciate if someone could help me.


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Suggest trying lowering your audio bitrate from 320 to 160. It's overkill and may be contributing to lag.

22:09:11.982: Windows Version: 10.0 Build 17134 (revision: 523; 64-bit)
22:09:11.982: Running as administrator: false
22:09:11.982: Aero is Enabled (Aero is always on for windows 8 and above)
22:09:11.982: Windows 10 Gaming Features:
22:09:11.982: Game DVR: On

You may also want to update windows and turn game mode off (instructions below).

You should also check that the sample rate for audio in OBS matches the windows audio settings of your devices. OBS is set to 44100; if you have some windows devices set to 48000 this might cause gradual desync.