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Hi, just wanted to say, that i update this more often than most people change their underwear (well more than likely all people) so if you find a bug check back and re-download in about a little later that day, it will likely be fixed. but in the event that you do find one please let me know as well. especially if you don't see it get fixed within a few hours. thanks.


Recent updates include:
All standard OBS themes included
Logo Slide Show
Opacity Slider
Ability to change size of scoreboard

see the complete list of changes here


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would you be willing to write one to work with the attached image?


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So.... just getting into this stuff with more depth (obs with overlays etc) And I am wondering about the ability to size the control panel? have a Dell Precision M3800 i7 with touch screen and K1100m video card.. I want to resize the controls for the ability to use the touch screen with ease. Really all the othe stuff isnt relevant during game play..
Also the ability to add numbers to current score and use as straight pool etc... Having to hit the button so many times is annoying with all of them Ive tried so far.. But Im liking what Ive discovered here the best@


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came across this, looks like a lot of work went into it.
i would definately use this, and even pay for it

a few suggestions if they are possible for use in red/yellow pool setting.

the option to change player name colour is great, but a reset button (to a set colour like grey) would be great.
also maybe the option to have an agg button

great work, this would really save a lot of time compared to the method i currently use


Sorry if anyone tried the live demo, I forgot to renew the SSL for the site. it is corrected now and should be working again.