Fullscreen Projector


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Hello All,

There is no selection for my Fullscreen Projector for BMD HDMI. I only have 1 option which is "1920x1080 @ 0,0"

I can select "BMD HDMI" for my Advanced Audio but NOT for video. I hope the answer is simple. The good news is I kind of know where everything is now, the bad news is I have no idea how to solve this.



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Question (because I am kind of in the same place with my BMD Web Presentor): are you getting your audio as a post-effects and delay output or from the monitor feed without and sync delay or effects?

I can only get audio out through the monitor feed to my Web Presenter, which is a full screen prejection via HDMI and through an HDMI to SDI converter. I know the audio is being transmitted via the HDMI, but not as an output.

So how do you have your sound setup? Are you using one of the global audio devices in the settings tab or an audio input in your scene to route the sound to your projection?