Question / Help Full screen projector blacks out main screen


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Just installed the latest update and I am finding that the full screen projectors will now black out your main display. Having this happen on two different macs. Both running different versions of Catalina.


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Similar problem here. Before I used to use a second monitor as my projector, clicking the preview in OBS would let me select my alternate DisplayPort monitor. Under 25.0.7 that option is gone and it only shows one of my USB HDMI capture boxes as an alternate preview source. When I select that yes, it blacks out the main display. I need the old functionality back! In the meantime I downgraded to 25.0.6 and am able to use my system as I had.


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I had this same issue when 25.0.7 came out. (25.0.8 doesn't fix the issue, as reported above) What appears to happen is OBS opens a new "Space" (virtual desktop) that's black, and switches into it. The Fullscreen Projector Preview is the only display that behaves correctly. It appears that if you go into System Preferences and open up the Mission Control settings, then check the "Displays have separate Spaces" option (you'll have to log out for it to take effect), this seems to make things work. (I unchecked the other boxes but I don't know if this is necessary) I haven't tested this really at all, since losing my job, I no longer have a need for OBS... but I do have time to find workarounds like this. :-) Curious to hear if this helps anyone though.


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go to System Preferences>Mission Control-check "Displays have separate Spaces", log out and back in. Fullscreen projector should now work without blacking out your other displays. Works here on MBP 2018 OS 10.14.6 OBS 25.0.8