FPS Capped in Windowed Mode


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Hello Everyone.

So I currently am trying to stream Call of Duty: Black Ops. Whether my game is windowed or Fullscreen, I usually get 240 FPS since I do play on a 240 Hz monitor. Right now I am having a problem when I have OBS open, it caps my FPS at 60. I have preview disabled because it fixed the same problem a few months ago. But now its just when I have OBS opened on my other monitor, it will cap it. When I minimize OBS, my FPS will go back up. Obviously if I want to stream, I need to have OBS open so I can read chat and notifications and keep track of everything else. If anyone could help me that would be amazing!!


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You're going to need to install the 20h1 (2004) or 20h2 (2009) feature updates to windows