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dogeshep submitted a new resource:

Fluent Dark - An OBS theme based on Microsoft's Fluent Design

Suddenly had an epiphany and realized I had free will so I made a Fluent-inspired OBS theme for fun – despite rarely using OBS lmao.

This theme makes OBS feel more native in Windows 11. Made custom animated sliders, checkboxes, buttons, text fields, and scrollbars. Some parts may look odd, sorry!

Feel free to modify or change stuff!


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I would like to edit the qss file to change the button height ot be more like the old size on the default theme. I was wondering if you could help me find where that parameter is. thanks!


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Fluent Dark is the excellent theme for OBS Studio. However, with the beta testing of version 30.x.x and the addition of the new status bar, this one got messed up in the theme in question.


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As the previous person said.

This Theme is very interesting, but it would be useful to update it to a newer version of OBS Studio. I just hope that updates will be implemented over time rather than left alone!

I can recommend it because it looks very nice.