Question / Help Extreme lag when focused on obs, none when focused on game

Matthew Judge

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The title says it all.
When I have GTA V open, and I am in the game, I can see the volume bars go up and down with the normal ease showing no lag on OBS. When I tab out into OBS Multi-platform, the bars lag to an extreme degree and opening or closing anything related to obs is heavily delayed with lag. When I close GTA V, everything is normal again for OBS. I don't need to be streaming or recording for this to happen.

It is not a performance issue. My CPU is an 5280k that I barely use 70% of while recording/streaming. My GPU is a 970 GTX that is not taxed at all as my settings for the game are the lowest possible. I have sufficient memory at 16gb and I don't go above 9. This effect happens even when I am in the starting menu of GTA V!

I don't have any easy answers why it would lag at all. I reinstalled it, removing all settings but nothing changed. Nothing I try seems to fix this problem and it is JUST with OBS.

Any help would be appreciated.

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