Encoding and Render lag all of the sudden

Jesse Halteman

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So, I have been streaming for about 2 years and have been streaming the same game the entire time (EscapeFromTarkov). Once I got everything up and running and got my streams running smooth everything has been fine. Always play and record in 1440 and have always been streaming at 720p.

The other day I noticed that I was getting some render and encoding lag and it keeps saying encoding overloaded at the bottom of OBS. What was weird is that the number of frames lost due to render lag was the same exact number as the frames lost due to encoding lag. What weirds me out is that almost nothing has changed. Same game, same obs settings, same everything but now its popping up and during complicated parts of the game it can get really bad.

The entire time I have had game mode on and OBS running as admin. It really feels like it did before the run as admin fix where the GPU was just maxing out and not sending enough frames to OBS but Admin fixed that for so long and then all the sudden I am getting issues again.

Do we know if the new version of OBS changes this fix? Or maybe a recent windows update broke something? I recently reinstalled windows and updated OBS but I didn't think that would mess with anything.

The current version of OBS running
Windows 10 19041.572
Ryzen 3900X
32gb Ram
Asus ROG X470-F

I don't know much about log files but I uploaded my recent one
Thanks for any help!


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