Elgato sound randomly doesn’t work


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Recently, my Elgato HD60S has randomly stopped delivering sound to OBS. One session it’ll work, then the next, it won’t. I’ve gone into the Elgato game capture settings, made sure everything was correct. I’ll restart my computer and that usually does the trick but it’s very annoying to do that every time I stream. Anyone have suggestions?


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I have the exact same issue. Most of the time it will work. But every now and again it will just not pick up any sound from the Elgato capture device. This has happened to me during a stream. It was working, then it stops. To fix it during stream I will edit the properties of the Elgato Video Capture source, select "Use Custom audio Device" at the bottom and choose "Digital Audio Interface (Game Capture HD60S+) from the drop-down list. This usually kicks it back into actions. But it can reoccur, so I reverse the above to make it work again. it's really awkward when stream can't hear any game audio.

One thing I would suggest checking is that you "Sample Rate" in Setting/Audio is set to 48 Khz. I only changed this last night after it crapped out 40 mins into a 3 hours recording session and I didn't notice. I believe it may have something to do with the default sample rate of OBS being set to 44.1 kHz whereas Elgaot Capture devices all output audio at 48 kHz.