Question / Help Elgato HD60 Pro Audio syncing issue.


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Log file:

So my issue is that the audio is perfect and the randomly through out my stream it will start to go out of sync,
then I have to deactivate my elgato video capture in OBS and reactivate it to make it sync again.
But it does this on repeat so once I reactivate it, it will start to go out of sync after a while again.

Also to note everything im using is on 48khz.

Any help would be amazing,
Thank you.

- Vospha / Darien


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Still in need of help with this issue, waiting on a response from elgato as well see if they can help with this issue.
If its hardware issue or software.
I have tried so much troubleshooting and I literally only have this support forum and elgato support to rely on at this point.