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I'm just trying to get some scenes configured to test out Multiplatform and cannot get pixel accuracy sizing at all! I found that you could edit transform and enter size values so I've been trying that. For reference, I have resized my OBS window and confirmed the preview is displaying 1:1, showing an exact 1280x720 so everything inside should be 100% too, right?

The screenshot I've included shows my attempt to set this source to 500px wide and 390px high but as you can see, the output is actually 334x261 (if you include the red bounding box). Am I doing something wrong here in configuring the size? Nothing I've tried has achieved 100% pixel accuracy in placing elements.

*Edit - Nevermind. I noticed since this was because of my base resolution being 1080p while assets were made to match 720p - Changing that fixed it!


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