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I want to capture video and audio from an external MiniDV Camcorder connected to my Windows. I cant find it in OBS source. A solution would be great . Thanks a lot for that.



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What camcorder is it, and how exactly are you connecting it?

This is very going to be dependent on your camcorder and windows drivers, much less on the OBS side.


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This is a common camcorder that saves its recordings to a memory card, and the USB cable is used to download recordings from the memory card to the PC. Live video is not possible for this connection, so OBS isn't able to use the camcorder as source.


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Regardless, from reading the camera's specifications, the USB interface on the camera is for transferring files to/from the camera as a block mass storage device (like a USB thumbdrive) and does not function as a USB video source. To use this camera with OBS, you will need to use the HDMI output from it into a video capture device, such as the Elgato Camlink (or the composite video output, at lower image quality). Even then, it may not provide 'clean' video output, and instead show informational UI on the video (date/time, recording status, zoom level, etc).


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Thank you for answering. I will try. In my Pinnacle system, that crashed, it all did well up till now.
You guys are wasting your time ...the only best way to convert DV camera footage via firewire or usb is as follows :

I use linux:

1. install DVGRAB and use this to record your DV video via firewire or usb onto your hard drive which will be in .dv format which is raw....just make sure that your camcoder has usb /firewire "STREAMING" set to "ON" position.

2. Because a 60 min sp tape the size of the recording will be between 13-15 gigabytes ....large isn't it !

3. Using the program FFMPEG convert the .dv file to the format of your choice .mp4 .mkv.....

I have managed to compress a 13.5gig .dv video to 1.5gig .mp4 and .mkv with very little just need a good cpu or even better render it through your GPU if you have a good graphics card ..I use a NVIDIA card and used it with 264_nvenc encoder I installed via ffmpeg will have to learn how to use both dvgrab and ffmpeg and install the 264_nvenc encoder, it's not difficult at all