Dual PC setup. Nvidia Ctrl Panel Clone screen to Stream PC capture card ( with OBS) VS OBS Gamecapture on GamePC Projected on Stream PC capture card


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A PUBG Pro player and streamer told me today that Dual PC streaming with a GamePC running OBS Gamecapture Projected on the Stream PC capture card with also OBS gives less inputlag then just running a gamePC withouth OBS having the NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL clone the whole screen to the Stream PC's capture card.
I give 0 % about sensitive information on my game PC being exposed when u clone the whole screen instead of a fullscreen application. Inputlag is the factor here.

So his stance is: Running OBS on a game PC projecting the fullscreen application to your capture card on the stream PC gives less lag! then Cloning the fullscreen in the NVIDIA control Panel to your capture card on the streamingPC without even running OBS on the gamePC!! Is this a myth? Is it true?

(For the people who want to post: "only 1 way to find out: Try it yourself" I am, but i would like OBS forums input too. ty. )