Question / Help Dropped Frames in Obs Studio


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Hello! I usually stream every week, and yesterday the application started giving problems with low fps and lag in the stream. I have tried everything and it follows the box in red or orange, I show photo below. My internet connection is good, so I don't understand why it works like this.

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can u help me please? Thank you so much.


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I share this too.


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You have 93% dropped frames. Dropped frames are always a network issue. Please be aware that sites like are completely worthless for livestreamers. They test peak speed, not minimum constant throughput, which streaming relies on.

From your logs, it appears that you are streaming to Twitch; download R1ch's Twitch Bandwidth Tester tool:
You need a server with a Quality score of at least 80, preferably 100.

It also appears that you are streaming over wifi, which should not be done. Run a network cable; wifi is extremely susceptible to interference, and is meant for lightweight content consumption. It is not a replacement for a network cable, especially in high-throughput applications (like livestreaming). If you absolutely cannot run a network cable, look into Powerline adapters. They're not great, but are a huge step up from wifi.