Question / Help Display Capture not working, everything else is


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I wanted to broadcast Destiny 2 on Twitch and as soon as I tried, nothing happened. Everything else on the software works for me: Video Device, Images, Text, etc. everything except Display Capture and Game Capture for Destiny 2. I tried game capture for a different game, Fortnite, and it worked fine, except my previous video device, my webcam, was on the layer below the Fortnite gameplay. I could still add text and images and etc. One common thing I noticed was the layer the Fortnite was on, which was a layer above the camera which I do not know how to fix. The biggest problem though was that even after making new scenes and new sources, every time I added display capture it was a blank, black screen. However one small red box pops up in the top left-hand corner of the preview and every time I left click on it, it disappears. Let me know if anyone else has had this problem or how to fix it. I have also tried deleting OBS and downloading it again, but that didn't work at all. Is there a different way to reset my settings?


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Game capture does not work for Destiny 2, unfortunately. The only captures that will work are window capture (assuming you are using windowed, borderless windowed, or windowed fullscreen as your video setting). I'm not sure why display capture is not working for you. That should work regardless of your in-game settings