Question / Help Differing audio delay across cameras


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New OBS user hère. Started using a couple of months ago and increasing my knowledge and comfort level.
I have a few recordings under my belt to YouTube.
I’ve recently added a PTZ optics to my setup. Main camera is a Canon xa35. Sennheiser wireless mic feeds into XLR in of Canon.
Both the PTZ and Canon feed into their own UTAP AJA capture and USB into my Dell i5 running Linux.
Wireless mic is added to audio mixer in OBS and I set a delay of 300ms. Audio was syncing up nicely with both cameras until my 2nd recording.
The PTZ audio sync was way off but the canon was still ok.
What’s the proper way to audio across differing cameras? I suspect one may be connecting as USB3 and the other to USB2 causing video to come in at different Bitrates?
It did work great the first time around. I believe one of the AJA was showing a USB2 connection status even though it’s connected to a USB3 port on my laptop. (Dell laptop shows 2x USB3.1 ports)