Desktop hardware recommendation.


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Thanks everyone for all the great input. Will read it over one (or two) more time(s) and pick something :)
Will also look into the licensing, and yes, we do have a CCLI license.
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See who complains automatically, who actually pays attention, and who actually has a problem with what. :-)

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I completely understand and don't disagree.
On the other hand, I've had cyber security briefings on China and that makes Lenovo (and similar vendors) suspect from my perspective. And if it wasn't for my role, and that I worked for one of Dell's Global named accounts (ie large enterprise), I'd have never gotten Dell to fix their own major screw up with some personal orders. I literally escalated to Dell VP level.
I personally prefer the engineering of the recent HP Fury/Studio system to Dell's mobile Precision models. but it depends.
All of the Tier 1 PC vendors have had major ethical lapses, especially on consumer models. Part of why I stick to business class PCs for most part
so, least worst option ;^) To protect my accounts and my computer in general, I use OTP tokens. I use them for every important application, since a one-time password when logging in helps to reliably protect programs.
I understand your concerns and point of view. Cybersecurity briefings in China could raise red flags for Lenovo and similar vendors, especially regarding sensitive work. It's commendable that you prioritize safety and advocate for ethical practices among tech companies.

Your experience with Dell consumer models further confirms your preference for business PCs. While Dell's Precision line of mobile devices may not be your favorite, their business-oriented offerings often have stronger security measures and better overall quality.

Choosing the “least worst case” in the face of ethical violations by Tier 1 PC vendors is a very real challenge. Focusing on business-grade PCs is a smart strategy to prioritize security and reliability.


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It's commendable that you prioritize safety and advocate for ethical practices among tech companies.
I recall the time my CIO came to me asking why I wasn't recommending EMC for a multi million $ SAN order. Their ethics were certainly a consideration, but in that circumstance I knew the games EMC played, and they pissed me off with some very under-handed sales tactics, so I simply out-smarted them by doing a lifecycle focused cost-analysis for 1 more year than EMC's warranty/support cycle... (into timeframe EMC not-so-gently pushes customers to a forklift replacement by making support outrageously expensive. EMC either had to commit to low support cost in later years, or show hardware placement... net result.. EMC wasn't even competitive... yea, companies that tried to play ethical games with me often paid the price as I was in a position to guide that to happen one way or the other).

Mind you I have a house full of Precisions, Latitudes, and a couple of XPS Studio desktops. (more than I'd like to admit, many of which I simply haven't gotten around to disposing of, like some old Compaq AP500 workstations). And of course business class machines have numerous features that make them more stable, secure, and reliable over the long haul. In general, I'd put HP Z series slightly above comparable Precision, but it depends on specific model ... nice to have choices