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Decklink Output Filter 1.1.0


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So what is the benefit of this plugin if it can only output the video of that individual source without it's own audio?


Also there seems to be an added video delay using this plugin. When I output with a decklink using Tools - Decklink Output there isn't a delay, but with this plugin there seems to be a delay. Is this a known bug or is it just me?

Robert Kämper

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Hello, I am trying to get this to work with OBS 27.1.0 on a Mac under Big Sur with a Decklink Duo 2 connected via Thunderbolt.
Is it supposed to show up under FILTERS? Because I can`t seem to find it there after installing. Thanks in advance.


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I'm confused, the plugin says it outputs individual scenes but the known issue is that it does not output the individual scene. So from a philosophical stance, am I in the exact same state of consciousness regardless if I install this plugin or not? Seeing as how it does not do what it says? Or and I just totally confused here?


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Just to understand what this plugin does:
I have 3 scenes if I add a filter to each scene , with this filter I can tell OBS to output that particular scene to a specific decklink output ?

Something like
Scene 1 - filter to sdi output 3
Scene 2 - filter to sdi output 4
Scene 3 - filter to sdi output 5
Did I understand it correctly?


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I'm having out of sync audio-video when I use Ultrastudio HD Mini, sometimes is almost in sync but not always. Do I need to switch to RGB or something similar? For graphics its perfect (with not sound) but with people talking its a mess. TIA