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Dark + Red 1.1

powdered_water submitted a new resource:

Dark + Red - Dark Theme with Red Buttons for indicating ongoing Recordings & Streams

What is it?
Pretty much just the the standard dark theme with buttons that turn red when you press them and stay a lighter shade of red while recordings and streams are ongoing.

Why is it?
Well, I wanted to have people be able to tell if they were actually recording/streaming. Reading fine print that says either "Start Recording" or "Stop Recording" can be difficult in certain situations and a color coded change is pretty standard across other software.

With this theme, once...
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Thanks for the theme, it is exactly what I wanted.

BUT have you noticed that after the recent OBS update when you launch OBS the background is a random color?
It is different every time, pink, green, whatever.... the only way to get it back to the dark gray is to switch themes to standard dark then switch back. But of course once you close and reopen OBS a random color appears again.

Any chance you can take a look and patch the theme?