Question / Help CPU 200 -300% Please help. I can't find answers anywhere.


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When my OBS is idle it runs at 100-150% CPU (According to Activity Monitor not OBS) and when I start streaming it shoots up to 200-300% +
Ive tried with and without browser sources and it makes a minimal difference like 10% MAX

I'm sure people will think it's because my computer is not powerful enough but before the last update it was running at around 30-50% (According to Activity Monitor not OBS) just fine.

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing. I've tried older versions of OBS software. I've tried lower output resolutions ect.. None of these things have made a significant difference.

The majority of the CPU is being take up by VDCassistant?? I googled it and it's something to do with the inbuilt camera on MAC but i don't use that in any of my OBS scenes. I will attach some images of CPU when OBS is idle and when it is streaming.

Here are two logs.
One while idle:
One While Live:

I just don't know what else to do. Please help.




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I had the same issue. When using Display Capture my CPU is around 20% When I do the same with Window Capture the CPU goes back to 80%

So it looks like Window Capture has something to do with the high CPU load. Perhaps you can try using Display Capture and see if the CPU load goes down.


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J'ai également des problèmes depuis la dernière MAJ, je perd tout mon kb_s
Je serai bien intéressé par un avis?


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The most frustrating thing is not being able to find ANY information on it other than "Lower your resolution" when that was never a problem before.


@Tangential I had 25.0.7 but after your message upgraded to 25.0.8 and the problem still persists.
Interesting. I've noticed that the window flashing problem is fixed in 25.0.8 but I don't use window capture on macOS. I use display capture and crop in the area I want because window capture has always been a problem for me on MacOS.


I am having the same issue. But it goes away if I go back to 24.0.6. Does someone have a fix yet? Please.
On my 2015 MBP running Catalina and 25.0.8 I see CPU utilization inside OBS (in studio mode) jump from 2% to 11% when I add in a window capture and that number correlates directly with what is also reported by iStatMenus. This is capturing a Safari window that is playing a streaming video feed. I also saw similar results capturing a window showing static data.


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Any fixes yet? This is awful

But here are a few things helped me out:
- Not running chrome while streaming because turns out that slows everything down and makes me drop frames for some reason.
- Cutting down on animated layovers and browser Inputs on OBS really made a difference.
- Try and minimise using Filters on layers. I used to use colour correction and sharpness on all my cameras and it was a lot to process.
- If your on Mac updating the platform really helped me out.

It’s not a solution but making these changes alllows me to run my stream smoothly. My computer still say it’s using a huge amount of CPU but it still seems to run ok.


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Nein, ich habe OBS 26.0.2 und das gleiche Problem. Mein iMac läuft mit Catalina 1.15.7, 8-Core Intel i7 mit 64 GB RAM. Trotzdem läuft die CPU über, so dass man keine andere Szene nach ca. 10 Minuten. anzeigen kann. Wenn man wahr jede Minute eine andere Szene passiert, stirbt nicht!
W.eiß jemand inzwischen den Grund? Hab Google Chrome schon ersetzt durch Safari oder Firefox, der Überlauf-Effekt ist immer da.