Controlling OBS from Ross Production switcher (Rosstalk)


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How we currently use OBS -

We run a daily, live newscast (ATVN, Annenberg TV News) and feed the output of the Production Control Room (PCR) for Studio C into our house router where it is sent to the OBS streamer in our Podcast control room.

The OBS installation in the Podcast control room bundles our daily ATVN feed and sends it to our channel on Youtube (

During the live program a student in the Podcast control room drives the OBS system who effectively becomes our Master Control Operator. That operator, listening on intercom, is responsible for rolling breaks into the live stream.

You might ask why not use the automation (Ross Overdrive) in the PCR for Studio C? Basically, we want to be able to fix things in the show while we are in the break, so rolling spots from the automation playlist takes away our ability to check mics, float a package or other things.

How we would like to use OBS (and this may already exist) -

We are challenged finding operators to do live streaming of the ATVN feed.

What I'd like to do is send a command to OBS via IP, RS-232, GPIO or carrier pigeon *from* the Ross switcher (Vision) or the automation system (Ross Overdrive) that, in effect, "switches" the input of the OBS from its HDSDI cature card (Blackmagic Design Decklink Minirecorder HD), and 'rolls' a break on OBS consisting of a commercial Pod of chained spots. When OBS is finished runnng the Pod it would switch back to the HDSDI capture card and fill the stream with the live news feed.

Ideally, it would be great to have OBS signal to automation that it was done and that automation could resume. What we would do is carefully time the pod and enter it in the show rundown and let Overdrive automation pick up the show. I know that this risks up-cutting a spot or having a black gap in the feed but we aren't making money here so no 'make goods' apply!

My thanks in advance for getting this far and providing help. If this functionality exists please point me to the relevant documentation. I'll carefully study it and report back my findings or home in on a more precise explanation regarding what I'm trying to accomplish.