Control OBS from your mobile device


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Roccat released an iOS and Android app that turns your mobile device into a controller.( ) I made a quick app (very basic) that will let it work with OBS. Here is the link to the grid. ... indows/69/

Bind the keys within OBS to these keys and the program will work fine.
Scene 1: Num1
Scene 2: Num2
Scene 3: Num3
Scene 4: Num4
Scene 5: Num5
Scene 6: Num6
Scene 7: Num7
Scene 8: Num8
Start Stream: Num0
End Stream: Num9
Toggle Mic: Num*
Toggle Audio: Num-
I also submitted it to the store for download so if it gets approved it will be there for anyone who is worried to download this link.

Proper link: ... indows/69/


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I just realized this is in the completely wrong section. I tried deleting it to repost it in the category below this one but I cant and I dont want to have two threads. If a mod could move this in the proper category I would appreciate it.