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I am aware that my computer's connection can be shaky sometimes. I'm not able to use ethernet so I use this extender to connect to the router, and it normally works fine, just with the occasional lag spike that leave me to wait a few seconds before the connection gets better.

Unfortunately OBS seems to really not like that. If the connection gets bad enough it disconnects like normal, and tries to automatically reconnect. It's never able to reconnect though, and Youtube automatically ends the stream while the application is struggling to. I can't manually disconnect and reconnect either, as the "Start Streaming button" with freeze on saying "Disconnecting...".

I have found a work around. By closing OBS in task manager, I can reopen it and reconnect. Unfortunately OBS still takes a good 10 to 20 seconds to reconnect with this method (a lot longer than it normally takes to just start a stream), and combined with the time it takes to identify the issue and reopen OBS it often isn't fast enough to reconnect before Youtube automatically ends the stream.

This issue is extremely random as well. It only started up a couple months ago (unsure if this happened right after an OBS update but it may have), and I've had streams where it hasn't happened at all. I've also has streams where it's happened 3-4 times at random points. I get hitches in my normal internet connection a lot more often than this too, so I'm not even sure what's causing OBS to disconnect in the first place, and no method I've tried has managed to make it happen consistently.

I've tried changing the Network settings from "Default" to the specific network I need my stream to connect to. While OBS has never connected to the wrong network before, as it just uses the wi-fi I'm already connected to, I wanted to see if it was possibly searching for a different network (there are like three other wi-fi signals in the house that aren't compatible with the extender I use for my computer) and getting stuck. This actually worked once, as OBS managed to reconnect during a stream without any input from me. But OBS hasn't been able to do this since, so it may have just been a fluke. I'm at a dead end at this point, so I'd really appreciate any possible ideas to fix this.


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