Computer slows down completely


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When I stream with OBS everything slows down. Chrome is near impossible, obs itself "works" but is super slow, so changing scenes, or anything is extremmly difficult. I saw some advice about running in Admin mode and I will try that, but I hope you can find some other things I can change.



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seems like your mobile cpu or the apk is pegged, as your getting memory leaks (32) long as your running the
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 and not the onboard this would be fine backed up with a good cpu. ram looks good also

try turning things down a bit, watch task manager to see if you hit the 100% limit on your cpu if you dont hit it your fine, ramp obs up. Its a ryzen yes but its a mobile gpu half the l3 cashe of a desktop amd cpu from 2012 and a 2007 q6700 intel would be on par this is also spread between 4 cores so 1mb each i cant imagine it performs any better than a DC. ryzen is generally better when overclocked they love to run hot but i wouldnt advice any overclock on laptop cooling ever if it is pegged @ 100%

please remember laptops are for browsing and light workloads, chrome uses 4gb of ram just opening not to mention cpu power involved with all the ads

you can also tell if the gpu is reaching the limits by way of hwmonitor under gpu power limit along with the usage % but its doubful, its that same with ram too
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thanks for the reply. I don't see an option on the BIOS to overclock on my new asus. I know laptops aren't preferred but I know djs that are running 3d programs while streaming on obs on their laptop