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Hello Everyone
Im trying to understand how to intergrate obs with videopsalm presentation software... im currently using obs w/powerpoint for our church streaming.
What im struggling with is if I can still use the preview window as usual in obs. Videopsalm is a free worship software that I would like to intergrate into our services.
when I change the image on the videopsalm program it also changes both images for the preview and program scene (simutaneously) in obs.
I want to be able (I think?) to control the program as before to be able to make scene adjustments etc and then send to program scene like im currently doing
I currently have this setup in the window capture mode and don't know if theres a better way to set this up.
Thanks for any suggestions!


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If there's only one source, then of course changing that source will change everywhere that it appears. It's just like a camera or an HDMI capture from another computer, in that sense.

This feels to me like an XY problem. Zoom out a bit. What are you actually trying to do?
Screenshots and pictures of the booth would be helpful, even if you have to photoshop them to explain what you want to end up with.


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I use one video camera with many scenes created by zooming in and out, so I would like to continue this while using the videopsalm software however when I send my image over to obs it auto changes both preview/program scenes. I guess I was expecting it to only go to the preview then Id send over live but not a big deal tho. Im running 2 monitors 2nd to a projector and scarlett audio and analog 32 channel mixer console with a seperate smaller console to handle the stream audio feed. Im considering having a 3rd monitor via laptop or adding another monitor.
Thanks for your help!


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Hey guys can i get a plugin to capture the presentation screen of videopsalm into obs and assign hotkeys to switch between slides
I'm not familiar with VideoPsalm specifically, but in general, if something can display to a projector, then OBS can natively grab that display or window as a source. No plugin required.

If you use the window capture, then you can have it behind something else and not need a dedicated screen for it. It can't be minimized though. It must be up, even if it's behind something else. Minimizing stops it updating, so that OBS hangs on the last frame before it was minimized.

The display capture grabs whatever's on the physical screen, or more accurately, whatever goes out the physical video port. Pretty much as if you had a physical video capture device between the computer and the physical screen. Whatever's on that screen is what you get in OBS.

A different church presentation program - OpenLP - uses web browsers extensively for display, in addition to the main projector as a physical display. Set up those browser displays in OpenLP, and then point OBS's native browser source to the URL that OpenLP gives you. Again, no plugin required. Don't know if VideoPsalm does that or not.


All of that said, I think it's a VERY good idea to separate the audience-presentation and video-production machines. Use an actual physical video capture device between them (A good one! About $100 for name-brand USB, or slightly less for PCIe. Not the garbage $20 USB things.), to capture the audience slides into OBS, or a network feed of some kind that both ends can support (web browser from OpenLP, for one example).

Separation of duties is AMAZING! Even if one person still runs it all, but even more so if you can have separate operators for each.
  • Dedicated controls don't get clogged with hotkeys or otherwise accidentally control the wrong app.
  • Ample processing power to do everything.
  • Dedicated configurations don't have to compromise.
  • Etc.


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however when I send my image over to obs it auto changes both preview/program scenes. I guess I was expecting it to only go to the preview then Id send over live but not a big deal tho.
Unfortunately, I get where you coming from, but your are thinking about it incorrectly. OBS Studio composites sources. OBS Studio Preview allows you to check an alternate 'compositing' before sending it to Recording/Stream Output. But OBS Studio 'Live' and Preview show the same for a given Source (ie, you can change which camera is displayed, or filters/effects applied to that video feed, but you won't see video feed with say a 30-second lag applied to it. ie camera#1 appears same in Preview and Live). An application window is no different

I'm assuming this is NO different than what you have with PowerPoint now, right? (I can think of only 1 alternative.. below). To have 1 image(/video) in the Preview window and another in Studio Mode window, you have to have 2 different sources. Aaron's explanation gets into the technical details of why this is the case... but think of it this way... OBS Studio does NOT know you are dealing with a static image (basically? presumably?).. so instead of a static slideshow, think about what you happen if the Window/Display you were capturing was a camera input... and what OBS Studio would do with that Source in its Preview Window..
I suppose you could have PowerPoint displaying on 2 Displays (Slide output in 1, preview in another)... then you have 2 different sources (windows), even if 1 app ... i think.. maybe. So unless videopsalm gives you 2 separate outputs to capture, I'm not sure of a reasonable approach to what you were looking for

I think I get what you are trying to accomplish, but I suspect if you think it through, I suspect juggling 2 different 'Previews' [slideshow and OBS Studio composited stream output] would only REALLY complicate matters. To coordinate such (2 different 'Previews'), I'd think you'd need an integrated application (maybe something with vMix?)???

Though I haven't done this yet (and maybe never will??), what I've looked into for our Service Bulletin (which I display alongside camera input), is putting Macros in PowerPoint which trigger when advancing PPTx slideshow. Using web-socket calls in the PPT Macros, that would trigger OBS Studio Scene or other changes. What that requires then is going thru slides in advance and making sure all the Macros are configured correctly, then rinse/repeat each week (/service). You may want to look into what options, if any, videopsalm might offer for sending commands out

I have automated a decent amount using Advanced Scene Switcher plugin. I personally prefer a single operator using a single computer using a dual DisplayPort MST monitor setup (due to 50ft fiber video cable run (and Active USB for keyboard/mouse) up to Pipe Organ loft where livestream operator sits). As I've commented previously, I'd be facing a angry mob with pitchforks screaming heresy if I suggested using a projector in Sanctuary ;^) [no overflow space, and cry room has large glass window into Sanctuary] Though the PC's video card has enough ports to also output to a Projector if desired (though I suspect I'd output NDI or similar and network connect whatever additional Display is required)

So, different setup/requirements that what you are dealing with. Good luck