Changing an Images directory with a text document


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I am unsure of the possibility of this but would there be a way to implement a function to allow the changing of a image's directory with a text document.

Being able to set settings via a notepad/text document contents could be a tremendous help. Currently I have been using Advanced Scene Switcher and I have finding myself to want it to change a images directory with a txt file. I am currently writing a program to help me almost run run my stream with little to no human input except for updating scores and such.

My program currently outputs a file directory that would be able to change what image that is showing up on the screen for this win animation. A possible solution might be a script that checks few 100ms (variable) constantly. This for me would mean this works without flaw and updates without anyone else needing to switch scenes or press any buttons except for a program that is for updating the scoreboard.

If there is something like this or any other methods that exist sending these to me would be greatly appreciated.


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