Can't hear sound alerts on my end


New Member
Not exactly sure what's causing this or really why it does this, as I've had this issue with both Sound Alerts and now Blerp.

My friend "fixed" it by changing the Global Audio Device -> Desktop Audio from Disabled to [something other than disabled] and then back to Disabled, and it worked. I tried that again and it's unfortunately not working.

My issue is that I'm using Blerp, I control audio via OBS (have also tried this without control via obs), and is set to Monitor and Output, but I cannot hear it. When I used Sound Alerts, it would work if I used it on Monitor Only, but then stream couldn't hear it. With Blerp I cannot hear it at all, however, it shows audio is coming through on the Audio Mixer.

I've tried restarting with different settings and all have met with the same outcome, which is no audio. Stream can hear it, but for some reason I cannot and this has been a recurring issue. Is there any fixes or any conflicts that might help or be effecting this?