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CameraPro submitted a new resource: - Add Wireless/Remote Video Feeds Into OBS Studio can be used to send video feeds directly into OBS Studio as a browser source. You can send one video feed with "Send Video" or create a room to pull in multiple video feeds for podcast, esports, etc.

How to get setup.

Go to
Select either "Send Video" or "Create a Room"

For sending one video feed
  • When you click on send video this will automatically start a...

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CameraPro updated - Add Remote Video Feeds Into OBS with a new update entry: Dashboards Update

In this update we added the option to log in to with your Twitch, Google, or Facebook account. This will give you access to your dashboard.

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The Camera dashboard lets you view your active camera streams that are broadcasting on the same account. You can also drag and drop these video feeds into OBS Studio by clicking and dragging the hand icon over to your OBS.

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Thank you for checking out this update. If...

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