Bug - Positional Alignment - Group


I have one of my sources in OBS, move each time I start OBS.
I look at the asset, looks, fine, close OBS, open up OBS 10sec later; and the source moved...
And it happens every time. And yes the layers are LOCKED.

Settings "Positional Alignment"
"Center" = Will result in it getting moves when I start OBS.
"Top Left" = Will result in it not moved when I start OBS.
It was a "Group" of 3 different things and the alignment thing was on the grouping....
Edit: I looked at the grouping, and the 3 different sources inside the group, had different alignments.

So Alignment in Groups sometimes causes movement.

Atm I have different alignments on the 3 sources in my group. And the Group itself is "Top Left" works without problem
But when I had the group itself be "Center" then it caused an issue.