Buffer Overflow + Access Violation


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When started, OBS immediately runs into a stack buffer overflow (exception 0xc0000409) and an access violation (exception 0xc0000005). The program doesn't get far enough to display anything or create any of its own logs, files or directories. The only info I could find was from Event Viewer which reported those two errors.

Edit: I am currently on windows build 20152, however this has persisted for months, long before I updated.


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I'm not sure if OBS supports Insider Preview Builds. Can you duplicate this issue on a stable/public release of Windows 10?

These appear to be system issues. See 0xc0000005 and 0xc0000409.
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Thanks for the info. Got stuck on insider builds by accident :/ I believe these errors are application specific tho because replacing the 'faulting module', ntdll.dll, does nothing. It doesn't happen on my friend's computer which is on the latest windows release.